Data Storage for SMBs and Enterprises

High-Performance All-Flash Array, SAN, and Unified Storage for Small-Medium Businesses and Enterprises

QSAN is a leading provider of secure and dependable data storage solutions tailored to businesses, regardless of their scale. With over fifteen years of dedicated experience in the industry, QSAN has consistently delivered groundbreaking storage solutions, driving operational efficiency and bolstering competitive advantage. These solutions optimize business operations and enhance competitiveness by harnessing cutting-edge technology and industry best practices, while also adhering to the highest standards of security and reliability.

The QSAN product portfolio encompasses All-Flash Storage, SAN (Storage Area Network), NAS (Network-Attached Storage), Unified Storage, and JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks), designed to cater to diverse business needs while upholding top-tier performance and data integrity standards.

Why Choose QSAN?

QSAN's storage solutions are meticulously engineered to cater to diverse business needs while upholding the highest standards of performance and data integrity.

Trust in QSAN to safeguard your data and elevate your operational excellence.

QSAN SAN Storage

High-performance, simple, secure, scalable, and cost-effective SAN data storage system

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The QSAN XCubeSAN Series offers several key benefits. It delivers outstanding performance with up to 12.8 GB/s and 1.3M IOPS and has an outstanding scale-up capability of up to 16.7 PB. The series is optimized for budget-sensitive SAN environments with a focus on outstanding performance, modern simplicity, and affordability to meet SMB workloads. It also offers versatile connectivity options with built-in 4-port 10 GbE (SFP+) and a maximum of 12 host ports allowing direct connection to multiple hosts without switches. Additionally, it features a high availability design with no single point of failure and cache-to-flash protection for cache data in power outages.

With its advanced features and capabilities, the XCubeSAN Series provides reliable and efficient data management for businesses of all sizes. Its robust architecture and cutting-edge technology make it a top choice for organizations seeking to optimize their data storage infrastructure, an ideal solution for mission-critical data centers, high-performance computing, virtualization, or applications.

QSAN All-Flash Array

Experience unmatched performance with QSAN XCubeFAS Series, a reliable and robust All-Flash Array data storage solutions

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The QSAN XCubeFAS Series offers numerous benefits to its users. It provides industry-leading high performance as the best solution for flash storage. It is designed to be affordable, user-friendly, and easy to deploy. The array is driven by QSAN’s slick XEVO operating system, which it created specifically for its AFA arrays. It also delivers high availability by designing everything with full redundancy and features an automatic failover/failback mechanism.

With a 99.9999% availability rate, high-speed performance, and uninterrupted upgrades, the QSAN XCubeFAS Series is a top-of-the-line Entry-Level All-Flash Array Data Storage solution that delivers exceptional performance to meet the most demanding enterprise application requirements. 

QSAN Unified Storage

Maximize Your Business Potential with the QSAN XCubeNAS Series, a high-speed, secure, and dependable Unified Storage system that has been specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses and remote offices.

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With its flash-ready architecture, the XCubeNAS delivers uncompromising server-grade performance. The system is equipped with advanced features such as data protection, disaster recovery, and virtualization support to ensure maximum uptime and business continuity.

The QSAN XCubeNAS Series offers numerous benefits to businesses and remote offices. Its fast and reliable performance ensures that data is always accessible and secure. The system’s advanced data protection and disaster recovery features provide peace of mind and help to minimize downtime in the event of a disaster. Additionally, the XCubeNAS’s support for virtualization allows businesses to easily integrate it into their existing IT infrastructure, further enhancing its versatility and value.

QSAN HA Unified Storage

High-Availability (HA) and high-expansion Unified Storage system that offers reliable and robust data storage solutions for modern data centers.

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The QSAN XCubeNXT Series offers several key benefits for businesses looking for reliable and robust data storage solutions. Its always-on architecture features an active-active design with full redundancy for key components, ensuring that data services will not be interrupted even in the event of a controller, PSU, or FAN failure. The system also supports non-disruptive upgrades, allowing data services to remain available during software and hardware upgrades and replacements. With multi-protocol support for NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, and optional FC and GbE host connections, the QSAN XCubeNXT Series provides a versatile storage solution for all platforms.

With a proven 99.9999% availability rate, this system delivers high-speed performance and uninterrupted generational upgrades and maintenance. The XCubeNXT Series is designed to meet the demands of modern data centers, providing scalable storage options and advanced data management features.

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QSAN Storage Solutions

Large Scale Surveillance

The key requirements for large-scale video surveillance systems (or CCTV) are:

The Large Scale Surveillance solution from QSAN enables users to collect richer data, and high-definition cameras bring higher bandwidth requirements, and increase writing speed and storage capacity.

Read more about QSAN's Large Scale Surveillance Solution.

Business Backup

Various risks and challenges to business data:

A full on-site, edge, and cloud Business Backup solution for storage infrastructure from QSAN enables users to achieve business continuity for a growing enterprise value.

Read more about QSAN's Business Backup Solution.

All-Flash Array

QSAN XCubeFAS provides a high-performance All-Flash Array solution at a lower price point in the entry-level product segment. Powered by QSAN's exclusive tuning, XCubeFAS lives up to expectations and can compete with the performance of "well-known tier-1 storage brands", without paying more. In addition to software advantages, the system's reliable and user-friendly operation saves the company's labor and equipment maintenance costs.

Read more about QSAN's All-Flash Array Solution.

Data Security

In the era of data explosion, common challenges to business data are:

QSAN brings together industry-standard technologies to ensure data security along with expert-designed and software-defined features through Transmission Protection, Encryption, Cybersecurity, and Access Control.

Read more about QSAN's Data Security Solution.

Data Protection

Data backup and data recovery have always been significant issues for enterprises. Various accidents may happen to businesses today:

Typically, data recovery procedures may take days to be completed, and consume plenty of valuable resources. QSAN's Data Protection solutions keep businesses running while accidents happen, without wasting time and unnecessary resources.

Read more about QSAN's Data Protection Solution.

Cloud Collaboration

Maintaining private clouds deployment is a challenging task for companies because:

QSAN's Cloud Collaboration solution bridges computing platforms through the diversified implementation of public and private cloud, help organizations to define the strategies into the next level of productivity.

Read more about QSAN's Cloud Collaboration Solution.


In the development process, various challenges to DevOps deployment in high workload, high availability environments are:

QSAN's efficient storage solutions help DevOps accelerate the entire development and production process to empower enterprises' competitiveness.

Read more about QSAN's DevOps Solution.

Cloud VDI

The challenges of remote work on VPN technology are:

High-efficiency Virtual Desktop Infrastructure enables seamless Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in the Cloud experiences in VMWare Hyper-V, and efficient and affordable deployments of Citrix VDI with QSAN Storage.

Read more about QSAN's Cloud VDI Solution.

IT Infrastructure

Digital information as an important asset for businesses, requires solutions to effectively integrate and accelerate IT Services. QSAN's comprehensive IT Infrastructure solution empowers businesses to succeed in the digital era through:

Read more about QSAN's IT Infrastructure Solution.

Virtualization Integration

Virtualization is an indispensable solution for business growth and transformation, while in the process many problems will inevitably be encountered in the general IT environment:

QSAN provides solutions that optimize existing virtualization resources. In addition, virtual deployment and management can be completed in just a few minutes, saving IT staff substantial time costs.

Read more about QSAN's Virtualization Integration Solution.

HPC and AI Applications

The convergence of HPC (High-Performance Computing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) requires new storage solutions to handle data growth efficiently. In this context, businesses face two major challenges:

The QSAN XCubeFAS series provides high-performance, high-availability storage from which they can continuously ingest large amounts of data to facilitate learning and growth.

Read more about QSAN's HPC And AI Applications Solution.

Managed Service Provider

The next-generation MSP (Managed Service Provider) flexibly adapt to the latest cloud-based automation to help their customers run applications efficiently on cloud platforms.

QSAN helps MSPs lower ownership costs with industry-leading technology. MSPS need to be disciplined about their capital expenditures and neither overinvest nor undertake investment equipment that does not exceed the internal cost of capital. QSAN provides a simple tool and workable technique that help MSPs to deploy helpful solutions to reduce the complexity of storage infrastructure. Simple and comprehensive applications are the keys to driving clients to success.

Read more about QSAN's Managed Service Provider Solution.

Higher Education

Lack of resources and budgets will become a barrier to realizing digital education while lag in IT performance will also drive transformation in a dilemma. Common pain points of digital education transformation are:

QSAN brings modern solutions for Digital Higher Education Transformation by:

Read more about QSAN's Higher Education Solution.

Media Workflows

The difficulty and hardware requirements in broadcast media and post-production workflows are very high. The enhancement of high-quality formats and continuous improvement of hardware resolution may wear out today's existing technology, tools, and infrastructure in a short time. Some of the challenges in the media industry are:

QSAN Hybrid XCubeSAN delivers a reliable, high-density, high-performance data storage platform to meet all needs and all types of media editing works. It provides more video media formats in less time, and breaks online editing bottlenecks in bandwidth and storage latency.

Read more about QSAN's Media Workflows Solution.

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