Data Duplication, Data Inspection, and Data Sanitization

Commercial-Off-The-Self (COTS) Duplication Equipment and Customized Solutions to Fulfill Different Data Equipment Needs, Ranging from Small Targets to Mass Production

U-Reach specializes in the design and production of stable, high-speed data solution equipment, including Data Duplication, Data Inspection, and Data Sanitization with a competitive product portfolio that includes duplication, inspection, and sanitization, covering Flash, HDD, and M.2 PCI-E SSDs storage media. U-Reach's products portfolio includes Flash Duplicator, HDD/SSD Duplicator, and Disc Duplicator.

Why Choose U-Reach?

U-Reach offers multi-core transfer technology can sanitize tens to hundreds of HDDs at the same time with three data sanitization options: DoD Erase, 7-Pass Erase, and Secure Erase.

All three methods overwrite all data areas, including hidden areas and spare blocks.

U-Reach Flash Duplicators

A range of data duplication solutions for various storage devices, including USB Drive, SD/MicroSD, CF/CFast, and SATA DOM/eMMC Duplicators, with Unrivaled Speed and Accuracy

U-Reach Flash Duplicators banner

U-Reach Flash Duplicators offer unrivaled speed and impeccable accuracy in duplication, inspection, and sanitization of various storage devices including USB Drive, SD/MicroSD, CF/CFast, and SATA DOM. With 20 years of experience, U-Reach Group specializes in the production of stable, high-speed data solution equipment. The competitive product portfolio includes duplication, inspection, and sanitization of Flash, HDD, and M.2 PCI-E SSDs.

U-Reach HDD/SSD Duplicators

Experience Unrivaled Speed and Accuracy with U-Reach NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD, SATA HDD/SSD, SAS HDD, and CRU HDD Duplicators.

U-Reach HDD/SSD Duplicators banner

U-Reach offers a wide range of high-quality HDD and SSD duplicators, including NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD Duplicators, SATA HDD/SSD Duplicators, SAS HDD Duplicators, and CRU HDD Duplicators. These devices are designed to provide fast and reliable duplication of hard drives and solid state drives for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

U-Reach HDD/SSD Duplicators offer several benefits to businesses and organizations. With 20 years of experience, U-Reach Group specializes in the production of stable, high-speed data solution equipment. Their competitive product portfolio includes duplication, inspection, and sanitization of Flash, HDD, and M.2 PCI-E SSDs. U-Reach’s duplicators are known for their unrivaled speed and impeccable accuracy.

U-Reach Write Protect Solution

A Powerful Tool for Content Publishers, the Whole USB Drive, SD, and microSD Cards Write Protection Solution.

This solution is ideal for preserving the integrity of your digital content and preventing unauthorized changes. With U-Reach Write Protect Solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure.

In addition to providing robust data protection, the U-Reach Write Protect Solution offers several other benefits. It is easy to use and can be quickly implemented to safeguard your data. The solution is also highly reliable and has been extensively tested to ensure that it provides the highest level of protection. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the U-Reach Write Protect Solution is an essential tool for any content publisher looking to secure their digital assets.

Secure Your Digital Content with U-Reach Write Protect Solution. U-Reach Write Protect Solution provides a read-only solution for USB Pen Drives and SD Cards, ensuring that the data stored on these devices are protected from deletion, modification, or writing.

Safeguard your data with U-Reach’s dependable and high-performance data solutions!

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U-Reach Features

Flash And HDD Duplication Market Leadership icon

Flash And HDD Duplication Market Leadership

USB 3.0 Duplicator Technology icon

USB 3.0 Duplicator Technology

Fast USB 3.0/2.0 Signals Detection (3 Seconds) icon

Fast USB 3.0/2.0 Signals Detection (3 Seconds)

Fast Data Copy (1-TB in 2.5 Hours) icon

Fast Data Copy (1-TB in 2.5 Hours)

Production Efficiency Boost By 300% icon

Production Efficiency Boost By 300%

Copy and Erase SAS HDD Without A Computer icon

Copy and Erase SAS HDD Without A Computer

U-Reach Solutions

Write Protect Solution Flash Duplicator

What does a write protection USB do?


Flash Card Mass Duplication

U-Reach duplicators are the only ones on the market that can duplicate more than one hundred targets at one time. Speed doesn’t decline when duplicating larger quantities, because U-Reach has the unique multi-core duplication technology that provides an independent data transfer channel. Whether targets are 100 pieces or 200 pieces, the duplication speed is the same as when copying one target. The Duplicator increases production rate with its high efficiency, accurate bit-by-bit duplication, and high compatibility with multi-brand devices.


Flash Quality Checking Tools

The quality of flash memory on the market varies greatly. It does not matter if you are a buyer or seller of memory cards, you would need an efficient way to examine or sort out the quality level of USB drives or flash memory cards. H2 was the most commonly applied examination software for the industry in the past. H2 can examine the USB drives or memory cards one-by-one on a PC but with low efficiency. The stability of the H2 test is affected by copy quantity and processability of the PC. U-Reach provides 7 (seven) types of Quality Examinations to satisfy any need for quality examination. The solution applies multi-core transfer technology. Thus, you can use the same amount of time to examine more than one hundred pieces of flash memory, which can improve production efficiency.


HDD Data Secure Sanitizer

There are lot of important data stored in HDD after PC and the Internet is widely used around the world. The risk of confidential and private data disclosure becomes a crucial issue, especially for businesses, government agencies, public services, or personal users. U-Reach HDD Data Secure Sanitizer (HDD Eraser) securely deletes confidential and personal data without being able to be retrieved again by recovery software. U-Reach HDD Eraser delivers two erasing standards: DoD Erase (USA Department of Defense 5220.22M Data Erase standard) and Secure Erase (NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization standard).


iSecuLog Tamper-free Log Report

Event Log Report is an important asset management tool to assist users in monitoring and recording the whole duplication control process. It is a dynamic way for users to manage duplication tasks efficiently into all U-Reach HDD Duplicators, USB Duplicators, and SD/CF Duplicators. The Event Log report records all details of each duplication task, like working time, run function, model number, serial number of media and results, etc.


Various Interface HDD Duplicator

Besides duplicating standard SATA HDD, USB-HDD, eSATA, mSATA, MicroSATA, iVDR, digital cinema USB/SATA, and carrier adaptors are all supported. U-Reach R&D is well-trained and experienced to satisfy different needs of product development. First developed products by U-Reach in the market: The first USB-HDD duplicator, the first iVDR-supported duplicator, and the first USB/SATA carrier adaptor duplicator.


U-Reach Solution by Industries

Military and Goverment

The U-Reach Duplicator stands as the preferred choice for military and government projects, distinguished by its innovative FPGA-driven approach. Devoid of an operating system, this system eliminates risks of malware, residual data, and logs. With NRTL certification, it endures extreme temperatures, shocks, and humidity, in line with MIL-STD-810H, DoD 5220-M, and NIST SP 800-88r1.


U-Reach duplicators comply with HIPAA. Medical pros trust secure ePHI erasure via DoD or NIST methods. These units tackle deep data wiping, including HPA and DCO, preventing leaks. Built-in log reporting simplifies record-keeping. Supporting various devices (USB, SD, CF, CFAST, HDD, SSD) with modular sockets for easy replacement, saving time and money.

Digital Cinema

U-Reach's global collaborations with Digital Cinema firms have honed their expertise to meet industry demands with efficient, reliable duplication tech. The partnership with CRU Inc. produced compatible solutions, notably the CRU duplicator with built-in Movedock 3S adapter, showcasing its prowess in digital cinema.


U-Reach's collaborations yield tech meeting current demands, setting industry standards. We're proud of our contribution to trade development. Supporting leading device makers, especially the versatile, cost-effective duplicator series, renowned in manufacturing.


U-Reach aids media management in education and research. Sanitization removes old data, fast duplication cuts workstation costs. Compliant with DoD 5220-M and NIST SP 800-88r1, it offers versatile data erasure for diverse needs.

Law Enforcement

U-Reach provides essential duplication solutions for data archiving and trials. Our read-only port preserves source integrity, while MD5 hash ensures accuracy. FPGA approach guarantees safety. MIL-STD-810G certified for reliability. Sanitization meets DoD and NIST criteria, offering five erasure modes.

E-Waste Recycling

U-Reach ensures data security of sensitive data like client info, bank ledgers, and national security documents require secure destruction, including HDD Destroyer, meet varied needs. Products follow DoD and NIST standards. The patented HDD Shredder pulverizes various media types for complete disposal confidence.


Auto industry shifts to electronic tech. U-Reach offers secure duplication with MD5 verification, aiding firmware integration. Independent machines aid new firmware implementation.

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About U-Reach Inc.

Duplication Equipment and Customized Solutions to Fulfill Different Data Equipment Needs

Founded in 2002, U-Reach Inc. focuses on stable high-speed data processing equipment design and production. U-Reach developed the unique "Daisy Chain" technology, which can achieve high-speed synchronous duplication with multiple targets without speed degradation. U-Reach has developed more than 15 popular product lines, including Flash Media, HDDs, and PCl-E SSDs duplicators. Electronic manufacturers, government agencies, cinema industries, hard disk manufacturers and IC companies are some examples of U-Reach solutions users.

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